Susan The Magazine Vol. 2: Skirts

The comic, tragic, frightening, wacky, and just plain mystifying nature of womanhood is explored by Susan Starbird in this lively collection of short essays and fictional fantasies. While attempting to answer the question “What does a woman do?” Starbird’s topics address the metaphorical dreamworld underlying her shoe collection, the aspirations of Russian brides and Renaissance wives, the existential yearnings of a girl gas station attendant, and how leadership lessons from popular fairy tales help a woman navigate hazards of modern work. This slim volume brings Starbird’s characteristic light touch to perplexing questions about what a woman is, does, or is supposed to be.

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Early reviews for Skirts:

“I laughed! I cried!  (literally.)  Should be required reading for all men.”

“Vintage Starbird – hilarious with insightful underpinnings.”

“I just finished devouring ‘Susan, The Magazine’ Volume Two and loved every sentence.  Your writing is so fresh and fun and engaging.”

“‘Skirts’ . . . is wonderful, because of the combination of imaginativeness, richness, and social/psychological/cultural insight.”